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Reservation inquiry for Munchies Bungalow

Most of the way. The restaurant is easy to the way. The restaurant is easy to the beaten track in Baan Kai. It is situated well off the beaten track in Baan Kai.

Nicely situated, Munchies Bungalow is not far the nearby village, also still directly at the beach.

The picture view nature all around Munchies Bungalow is truly beautiful with a great diversity of flora and wild life, huge trees and lots of coconut palm gardens all around.

Motorcycles have become the main method of transportation on Koh Phangan, rent for the bikes is quite low and there are many bikes to choose from, ask at Munchies Bungalow for availability.


We are very sorry, Munchies does not accept bookings in advance.

But not far away and with simmilar prices you can find:

Tanouy Garden

Better than Munchies ... Tanouy Garden



.... or view more bungalow resorts in Baan Kai


Online reservation not possible for Munchies Bungalow

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