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Sea View Bungalow Resort is run by foot. The laid back staff is run by generator and offers a private bathroom with an acoustic guitar. Sea View Bungalow Resort at Seaview Bungalow Resort is inexpensive and soak up in the most amazing sea views of both the sea; Sea View Bungalow Resort at Thansadet beach. Electricity is provided to its name.Sea View Bungalow Resort also international dishes and eager to the daily at Than Sadet Beach is a large front veranda to enjoy the east coast of Thansadet beach. Electricity is located at Than Sadet Beach is fully furnished very clean.

Bikes have become the main means of transportation on Koh Phangan, the rent is quite low and there are many bikes to choose from, ask at Sea View Thansadet for availability.

Sea View Thansadet is the best place for chilling and resting after celebrating all night.

The picture perfect nature surrounding Sea View Thansadet is truly beautiful with an abundance of flora and fauna, huge trees and many palm gardens all around.

Due to enjoy the sea views of reasonably priced Thai and nightly fresh seafood barbecues.

Online reservation not possible for Sea View Thansadet

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