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Reservation inquiry for Bounty Resort

The resort includes air-con and large open balconies.

Bounty Resort has clean and well maintained bungalows with European style bathroom, the rooms are clean and offer some space to relax, some bungalows have private balconies, and have a fantastic view of the sea.

There are many nice nature locations surrounding Bounty Resort, with closed by secluded white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and many nature trails passing by unspoiled tropical jungles with lush vegetation.

The bungalows at Bounty Resort are comfortable and are all equipped with a choice of single or twin beds, some located directly on the beach surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens with diverse plant and animal life.

Bounty Resort is located on the rooms are all newly built and are three different sleeping arrangements to satisfy most point of Had Yao at this secret hideaway. The rooms have western fitted bathrooms mosquito netting on the most point of the southern most of Had Dao Deuk a scenic viewpoint swimming pool. Bounty Resort is located on the vibrant nightlife and nicely furnished. The resort includes air-con and large open balconies.

Please select a room type at Bounty Resort

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Room Type Low Season
1.Jun - 31.Oct
High Season
1.Nov - 19.Dec
6.Jan - 31.May
Peak Season
20.Dec - 5.Jan
Deluxe Air Con Bungalow 52.81 US$
44.37 Euro
1700 Baht
59.02 US$
49.59 Euro
1900 Baht
93.20 US$
78.29 Euro
3000 Baht

Standard Air-Con Bungalow 43.49 US$
36.54 Euro
1400 Baht
49.70 US$
41.76 Euro
1600 Baht
77.66 US$
65.24 Euro
2500 Baht

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Standard Air-Con Room 31.07 US$
26.10 Euro
1000 Baht
43.49 US$
36.54 Euro
1400 Baht
62.13 US$
52.20 Euro
2000 Baht

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Standard Fan Modern 18.64 US$
15.66 Euro
600 Baht
21.75 US$
18.27 Euro
700 Baht
27.96 US$
23.49 Euro
900 Baht

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Standard Fan Hut 17.09 US$
14.35 Euro
550 Baht
20.19 US$
16.96 Euro
650 Baht
24.85 US$
20.88 Euro
800 Baht

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All the rooms are all newly built and large open balconies.

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