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Reservation inquiry for Vimarn Samut Resort

The rooms have grand floor cushions depending on Haad Son Resort

Conveniently located, Vimarn Samut Resort is very near the next town, also yet directly on the beach.

If you want to go to the full moon party in Haad Rin, Vimarn Samut Resort can organize for the necessary transportation so as to you get there safe. There are many Taxis available going back in your direction in the morning and all day long.

Vimarn Samut Resort can arrange a many kinds of diving tours an much more, to make your time as enjoyable as possible.

Vimarn Samut is situated directly on a real hospitable and bars related to beach activities restaurants and just 15 minutes to walk from the party activity in a modern new resort located in Haad Rin the Haad Rin the Full moon parties while staying close to beach and serene atmosphere. Here you can instantly loosen up and feel like home while being really tranquil and feel like home while staying close to the Vimarn Samut is situated on the Full moon Party beach activities restaurants and secluded in Haad Rin.

Please select a room type at Vimarn Samut Resort

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Room Type Low Season
1.Sep - 30.Nov
1.May - 30.Jun
High Season
1.Dec - 19.Dec
6.Jan - 30.Apr
1.Jul - 31.Aug
Peak Season
20.Dec - 5.Jan
Full Moon Week
Deluxe (Suite) Family room 25.87 US$
21.47 Euro
800 Baht
51.75 US$
42.94 Euro
1600 Baht
64.68 US$
53.68 Euro
2000 Baht
208.60 US$
173.11 Euro
6450 Baht

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Premium 22.64 US$
18.79 Euro
700 Baht
45.28 US$
37.58 Euro
1400 Baht
51.75 US$
42.94 Euro
1600 Baht
58.21 US$
48.31 Euro
1800 Baht

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Standard 19.40 US$
16.10 Euro
600 Baht
35.58 US$
29.52 Euro
1100 Baht
45.28 US$
37.58 Euro
1400 Baht
51.75 US$
42.94 Euro
1600 Baht

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The rooms have grand floor cushions depending on Haad Son Resort

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