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Reservation inquiry for The Pool Villa

The bungalows at The Pool Villa are roomy, well maintained and clean and all have western style bathrooms.

The Pool Villa can help you arrange rentals, organize tours around the Island, arrange for getting to the island and getting off the island in addition, a laundry service is available.

The Pool Villa is constructed very close to the beachfront, at this spot you can experience a fantastic sunset. The place is only minutes to walk from the next village.

Please select a room type at The Pool Villa

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Room Type Low Season
1.May - 30.Jun
1.Oct - 30.Nov
High Season
1.Dec - 19.Dec
16.Jan - 30.Apr
1.Jul - 30.Sep
Peak Season
20.Dec - 31.Dec
1.Jan - 15.Jan

4 bedroom each with bathroom

417.60 US$
346.68 Euro
13000 Baht
481.85 US$
400.01 Euro
15000 Baht
803.08 US$
666.69 Euro
25000 Baht

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Daily Rate (3 Room Occupied) 289.11 US$
240.01 Euro
9000 Baht
433.67 US$
360.01 Euro
13500 Baht
803.08 US$
666.69 Euro
25000 Baht

Daily Rate (2 Room Occupied) 256.99 US$
213.34 Euro
8000 Baht
385.48 US$
320.01 Euro
12000 Baht
803.08 US$
666.69 Euro
25000 Baht

Daily Rate (1 Room Occupied) 224.86 US$
186.67 Euro
7000 Baht
353.36 US$
293.34 Euro
11000 Baht
803.08 US$
666.69 Euro
25000 Baht
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