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Reservation inquiry for Hacienda Beach Club Resort

Should you require some help arranging some excursions during your vacation Hacienda Beach Club Resort will assist you, the staff is well trained and has a good knowledge of the island and the surroundings.

Hacienda Beach Club Resort can arrange a great number of activities from water sports to island and vacation a special experience.

We suggest you to rent a motorcycle while staying at the Hacienda Beach Club Resort, it is the most popular way to move around the island and quite cheap also for those planing a longer stay.


Please select a room type at Hacienda Beach Club Resort

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Room Type all year price
4.Jan - 19.Dec
Peak Season
20.Dec - 3.Jan
Full Moon Week

Pool Side AC: Air-Con, Sat TV, hot shower, free wifi, mini bar

28.39 US$
24.30 Euro
900 Baht
82.02 US$
70.21 Euro
2600 Baht
50.47 US$
43.21 Euro
1600 Baht

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Superior Pool View: AC, Sat TV, hot shower, free wifi, mini bar

31.55 US$
27.01 Euro
1000 Baht
88.33 US$
75.61 Euro
2800 Baht
63.09 US$
54.01 Euro
2000 Baht

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Deluxe sea view: AC, Sat TV, hot shower, free wifi, mini bar

47.32 US$
40.51 Euro
1500 Baht
113.56 US$
97.22 Euro
3600 Baht
78.86 US$
67.51 Euro
2500 Baht

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Deluxe garden view bungalow: AC, Sat TV, hot shower, free wifi, mini bar

56.78 US$
48.61 Euro
1800 Baht
138.80 US$
118.82 Euro
4400 Baht
102.52 US$
87.77 Euro
3250 Baht

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Wooden Bungalow: Fan, hot shower, free wifi

12.62 US$
10.80 Euro
400 Baht
25.24 US$
21.60 Euro
800 Baht
15.77 US$
13.50 Euro
500 Baht

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Pool Side Fan: Electric Fan, TV Satelite, mini bar, free wifi, hot shower

22.08 US$
18.90 Euro
700 Baht
72.56 US$
62.11 Euro
2300 Baht
39.43 US$
33.76 Euro
1250 Baht

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