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Near to the Drop in Club Resort and Spa you will find restaurants & Bars, internet shops and a supermarket.

The picture perfect nature that surrounds Drop in Club Resort and Spa is truly impressive characterized by a great diversity of tropical flora and fauna, massive trees and lots of coconut palm trees spread throughout.

Drop in Club Resort and Spa has very well maintained bungalows with European style toilets, the rooms are comfortable and offer some space to relax, a few bungalows offer private balconies, and have a great view of the sea.

Please select a room type at Drop in Club Resort and Spa

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Room Type all year price
26.Aug - 31.Dec
1.Jan - 19.Jul
Peak Season
20.Jul - 25.Aug
Full Moon Week
Junior Suite 90.40 US$
75.42 Euro
2890 Baht
127.93 US$
106.73 Euro
4090 Baht
112.29 US$
93.68 Euro
3590 Baht

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Executive Suite 156.08 US$
130.22 Euro
4990 Baht
265.56 US$
221.56 Euro
8490 Baht
249.92 US$
208.51 Euro
7990 Baht

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Deluxe 84.14 US$
70.20 Euro
2690 Baht
124.80 US$
104.12 Euro
3990 Baht
106.04 US$
88.47 Euro
3390 Baht

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Standard Economy 46.61 US$
38.88 Euro
1490 Baht
59.12 US$
49.32 Euro
1890 Baht
52.86 US$
44.10 Euro
1690 Baht

Standard Building 62.25 US$
51.93 Euro
1990 Baht
90.40 US$
75.42 Euro
2890 Baht
77.89 US$
64.98 Euro
2490 Baht

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Suite Building 106.04 US$
88.47 Euro
3390 Baht
168.60 US$
140.66 Euro
5390 Baht
137.32 US$
114.56 Euro
4390 Baht

Suite Villa 121.68 US$
101.51 Euro
3890 Baht
184.24 US$
153.71 Euro
5890 Baht
154.83 US$
129.18 Euro
4950 Baht

Superior 68.50 US$
57.15 Euro
2190 Baht
106.04 US$
88.47 Euro
3390 Baht
90.40 US$
75.42 Euro
2890 Baht
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