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Payment with PayPal

Advance payment for reservations of bungalow resorts or guesthouse rooms are possible with PayPal. Our PayPal account (simon@phanganisland.com) is listed in Germany, since they don't provide us with service here in Thailand. You can use any credit card to pay your bill at PayPal.

Payments are possible in US Dollar, Euro , British Pound or Australian Dollar. Our houses are listed in Thai Baht, we calculate with the rate of the payment date.

As soon we receive our payment, we will forward the money to the owner of the requested place, in order to make sure the place will be yours at arrival.

We can only guarantee your reservation, after we received your advance payment!

If you don't have an account at PayPal already, you can create a new account for free and pay to our account via credit card (fast) or bank transfer (slow).

You haven't send an reservation yet, if you are interested in reservation at a bungalow resort on in Koh Phangan, please search for a resort in our database.

If you wish to pay in advance for any other service we promote, please write us an email first, so we can send you an an link to a payment form.

PayPal accepts all major credit cards,
for some countries you can even use just your bank account.

payemts for reservation are possible with any kind of credit card

our account at PayPal is verified,
since 12. Apr 2004
Our account at PayPal is verfied



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